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Nobody ever said "Think Different" would be easy.
Don Crabb (March 25, 1955 to February 26, 2000)


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Dr. Sumner Harvey Hoffman, MD, FAAP
May 5, 1922 - Dec. 14, 2008

• MD, Pediatrics, Tufts Univ. 1946 • MS, Civil Engineering, Tufts Univ. 1968 •
• Founding Member local temple • Opened Pediatric Offices in 3 Rural Communities •
• Introduced Parisitology Curriculum for Engineering Students, Professor, Tufts Univ. •
• Dir. Home Heath Services, Boston Univ. - Nation’s first academically affiliated Home Medical Service •
• Last position: Director Student Health Services, Brown University •
• Retirement: Volunteer physician, Senior Friendship Center of Sarasota •
• Pres., The Tufts Club and the PHI Beta Kappa Club •

About Box for Ilene's Machine
Ilene's Machine contains original photos and text on a variety of topics including: Macintosh Computers, high school & pro soccer, my Mac and Internet Consulting, links to my products reviews, Yellowstone National Park, Massachusetts, dogs, wildlife, parenting, single motherhood, and kids.

I created Ilene's Machine in November, 1995 on xensei.com and finally got my own domain in November, 2000. Initially the Hess Macworld Events List and a soccer photo gallery lived here. Now, there are bugs, Mac OS resources, writing and a host of strange pages. Feel free to root around!

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new bullet Ilene's Brand New Sparkling WordPress Blog - 1/30/13

new bullet Hess Macworld Events List -Macworld|iWorld iFanevent, Jan. 31 - Feb. 2, 2013 - In Progress

new bullet Ready for a new adventure! Not for prime time Resumé attached here. All serious inquiries considered.
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updated Links to Ilene's Publications

Natick Soccer Tournament - October, 2010 and 2011 added.
Marcus Sholar Marcus On Sax - 12/11 OR Marcus Hoffman Sholar’s Philadelphia Jazz Trio - 01/09 - Listen to da music! (Click photo also.)
Needham High School Reunion - 08/09 - Photos

Mac The Knife Party - New York 2001 - added 12/01; Edited 2/13/02

Macworld Expo Pictures 1997-2001 updated with new links found 12/23/02. Still trying to locate moreThe Party Formerly Known As... pictures!

Mac OS X 10.0 - 10.7 Knowledgebase links and resources - (Updated sporadically).

About Ilene

I am an eclectic person, having been a dancer, social worker, and now a Macintosh computer consultant and single mother. I am passionate about animals and nature. My pages include original photos which relate to my interests and vocation. For your convenience, I have put in thumbnails of most pictures in an introductory page, and a quick click will yield you the whole shebang. I also attempted to choose links which are of superior quality, and contain comprehensive information or great pictures which relate to my beloved topics. If you wish to send comments or suggestions for new links, please send me mail. All suggestions are most welcome!

I hope you will find my pages of interest and of use to you as you wander through this great abyss we fondly call the "net."

ilene in 1998
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"Until we extend the circle of our compassion to all living things, we will not ourselves find peace."
-- Dr. Albert Schweitzer

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