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A contribution from you is requested to help defray server and ISP costs, plus my time for providing you with exclusive and original content. If you use the Hess Memorial Events List at Macworld-iWorld, please contribute.

Ilene's Machine includes useful Macintosh support information, my article reprints, soccer photography, nature pages, and of course, the infamous Hess Memorial Macworld Events List. Requests made by users have been incorporated into many of the Mac OS pages.

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Ilene started the Hess Memorial Macworld Events Page in August, 1996. It is a tribute to Robert Hess, who compiled an events list each show which was mailed out to a private list. When Robert passed away, a public list on the web was created. Each Macworld Expo the list is compiled from email received, plus a lot of leg-work contacting companies.

When MacPublishing dropped the sponsorship of the party known as "The Knife," Ilene's Machine stepped in to prevent the loss of that mythical event. The Not the Knife party pictures live on in infamy.

May the new year bring us all peace.

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This whole site is created in BBEdit.

These pages are provided as time permits by Ilene Hoffman, dba as Ilene's Machine, with no warranty or claims to original content, except where relevant. Update notices and page additions are announced in a sporadic newsletter, called Ilene's Machine. ⇒ CLICK HERE to subscribe to my newsletter
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