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Computing Webopoedia
3D Accelerator Cards 68K Macs Airport /Wireless

Cards Reviewed
Radius Inc.

68K Machines

25212 AirPort: Base Station Reports Address
25286 AirPort 1.3: PPPoE and Private Network 192.x.x.x Addresses
58414 AirPort Wireless Communications: FAQ - Part 1 of 3
58415 AirPort Wireless Communications: FAQ - Part 2 of 3
58501 AirPort: Supported Internet Service Providers
58503 AirPort Base Station: Character Limit for User Name and Password
58505 AirPort Base Station: Enter DNS Information During Setup
58508 AirPort Base Station (Graphite): LED Behavior
58509 AirPort Base Station (Graphite): Factory Default Settings
58514 AirPort: What is Network Address Translation? (NAT)
58518 AirPort Admin Utility: What To Do If It Cannot Locate a Base Station
58521 AirPort: Compatibility With Earlier Macintosh Products
58530 AirPort: Difference Between DSSS and FHSS
58533 AirPort 1.1: Base Station Extras Folder Contents
58535 iBook: Installing or Replacing the AirPort Card
58536 Power Mac G4 (AGP Graphics): Installing AirPort Card
58538 AirPort Base Station: Troubleshooting a Dial-up Connection
58542 AirPort Card: 'Required AirPort Software Not Found' Error
58543 AirPort: Potential Sources of Interference
58546 AirPort Base Station: X2 Modem Compatibility
58548 AirPort Card: Disable During Air Travel
58549 AirPort: Locating the MAC Address
58550 AirPort Base Station: Channel Selection and Overlap
58568 AirPort: Use the Same Software Version on All AirPort Devices
58569 AirPort 1.2 and Earlier: Using Computer to Computer Mode
58570 AirPort 1.x: Disabling Software Base Station
58571 AirPort: Turning On Access Control
58572 AirPort Base Station: Optimizing AirPort Reception
58574 AirPort: Third-Party Wireless Software and Equivalent Network Password
58576 AirPort Base Station: Connecting Wired Clients to DSL and Cable Modem Services
58578 AirPort 1.2: Updating Base Station Firmware
58579 AirPort Setup Assistant: Steps to Complete Before Base Station Setup
58581 PowerBook (FireWire): AirPort Card Installation
58584 AirPort: Using a Non-AirPort-Capable Computer to Set Up a Base Station
58596 AirPort Base Station: How to Set up for Active Roaming
58597 AirPort Base Station: Configuring As A Bridge
58604 AirPort Base Station: DHCP Client ID Support
58613 AirPort Version 1.0 to 1.3: AirPort Base Station (Graphite) Forced Reload
58618 AirPort: Reason for 169.254.x.x IP Address
58727 AirPort Base Station (Graphite): Technical Specifications
60422 AirPort Wireless Communications: FAQ - Part 3 of 3
60424 AirPort: How to Join a 128-Bit Encrypted Wireless Network
60440 AirPort Base Station: Description
60964 AirPort Base Station: About Power Adapter Compatibility
60966 AirPort Base Station: About the Mounting Brackets
75082 AirPort 1.3.1 Document and Software
86015 AirPort Software Base Station (Mac OS 9): Sharing an Internet Connection over Ethernet
86055 AirPort Admin Utility 1.2: Network Tab Explained
88058 PowerBook G4: How to Install an AirPort Card
88159 AirPort: AirPort Base Station Does Not Respond
95072 iMac (Slot Loading): Removing the AirPort Card
95133 PowerBook G4: Installing or Replacing the AirPort Card
106016 AirPort: How to Set Up File Sharing Between AirPort and Ethernet Computers
106021 AirPort: How to Set Up Bridging When Using a Cable Modem
106140 AirPort 1.3: Using Computer-to-Computer Mode (IBSS)
106142 AirPort: Unable to Access Other Computers After Joining Computer-to-Computer Network
106143 AirPort 1.3 or Later: AirPort Base Station Software File Relocated
106144 AirPort 1.3: PPPoE - Software Base Station Does Not Connect to Internet as Expected
106157 AirPort 1.3: Service Name Field Provided for PPPoE Internet Access
106192 Mac OS X 10.0: Setting up an AirPort Base Station Requires Restart from Mac OS 9
106205 Mac OS X, AirPort: Third-Party Wireless PC Cards Do Not Work With AirPort Client Software
106250 Mac OS X, AirPort: Connecting to Third-Party Base Stations
106491Mac OS X 10.1: AirPort Control Strip, Dock Extra Replaced By Menu Bar Item
106531 - Mac OS X 10.1: Optimizing AirPort Base Station Placement
106552 PowerBook G4 (Gigabit Ethernet): How to Find AirPort ID of Preinstalled AirPort Card
106590 AirPort: Requirements for Wireless Internet Access
106591 AirPort: How to Use With AOL
106595 AirPort Base Station (Dual Ethernet): Technical Specifications
106596 AirPort Base Station (Dual Ethernet): LED Behavior
106602 AirPort Base Station (Dual Ethernet): How to Reset
106618 AirPort Base Station (Dual Ethernet): Crossover Cable Not Required
106626 AirPort 2.0: How to Connect to a LEAP-Enabled Wireless Network
111919 iBook (Dual USB): AirPort Card Replacement Instructions
111924 PowerBook G4 (Gigabit Ethernet): AirPort Card Replacement Instructions
120061 Using AirPort With Mac OS X (v10.1) Document
120084 AirPort 2.0: Info. & D/load
120085 America Online Extras for AirPort: Info. & D/load
120093 AirPort Admin Utility for Windows 1.0: Info. & D/load
120097 AirPort Driver Update 2.0.1 for Mac OS X: Info. & D/load
120099 AirPort 2.0.1 for Mac OS 9: Info. & D/load


PowerWatch - PowerComputing support
unofficial Umax SuperMac support


APS Technologies
CD-Recordable FAQ
PowerBook DVD-Video Kit PR
Help / Troubleshooting

eMac: How to Install or Replace an Optional AirPort Card
eMac: How to Install or Replace Memory
eMac: How to Install the Optional Stand
eMac: How to Connect Audio Equipment for Inputting Sound
eMac: How to Connect Headphones or Speakers
eMac: How to Adjust the Angle of the Computer
eMac: Using the Speaker Grills
eMac: How to Replace the Backup Battery
75314 - PowerMac G4 (QuickSilver): Customer-Installable Parts Instructions

Hash, Inc. - Animation Master (Crossplatform)

Apple's Card Manuals
Apple Software Updates
Mac OS 9, FireWire: About FireWire Versions 2.6, 2.7, and 2.8
FireWire SDK 13 for Mac OS X (new 8/5/02)
iMation (SuperDisk)
Installer Observer
iMac Mac vs PC

06/18/01 - 88007 iBook Firmware Update 2.4 Document and Software
88119- iBook (Dual USB): External Ports and Connectors
88120 - iBook (Dual USB): Technical Specifications
88121 - iBook (Dual USB): Removing and Replacing the Battery
88122 - iBook (Dual USB): Eject Key Does Not Work With Mac OS X 10.0.1
75146 - iBook Audio Update 1.3.6 Document and Software
88231 - PowerBook and iBook: Apple Power Adapter
88234 - iBook (Late 2001): Technical Specs

Apple's iMac Page
Upgrade G3 iMac
58669 iMac (All Models): How To Differentiate Between Models
iMac Memory Explained
58236 - iMac 266: Technical Specs
58317 - iMac 333: Technical Specs
58814 - iMac (Early 2001): Apple Hardware Test Error Codes
75317 - iMac (Flat Panel): Customer-Installable Parts Instructions
88010 - iMac Firmware Update 2.4 Document and Software
88014 - iMac Discussion Board: FAQ (2 of 2)
120048 - iMac Power Management Update 1.1

MacSpeed Zone
Mac Facts True System Costs
Memory / RAM Modems Monitors

iMac Memory Explained
Kingston Technology, Inc.
The Chip Merchant
Viking Components

Diamond Multimedia - Supra

Apple Studio Display (ADC): Pressing Button Does Not Open System Preferences
50098 - Apple's Cable Manuals
75319 - Apple ADC to DVI Adapter: Low-Level, High-Pitch Noise
Eizo Nanao Tech Monitors
Nokia Display Products
ViewSonic Corp. Monitors
Multimedia Networking Peripherals

An Apple A Day

Apple's Card Manuals
AppleTalk Access & Cable Modems
75320 PC to Macintosh: How To Transfer Data

How to Clean the Keyboard (Apple KB)

PowerBooks Power Macs

Upgrade G3 PowerBook, Part I
G3 Hinge and Problem Forum Yahoo
G4 Powerbook Overclock Hack
30967 PowerBook G3 Series: DVD-Video Kit Installation
30017 PowerBook: Testing Backup Battery
06/29/01 - 88042 PowerBook Firmware Update 2.7 Document and Software
88062 PowerBook G4: Technical Specifications
G4 Powerbook Overclock Hack
88232 PB G4 (Gigabit Ethernet): Rechargeable Battery LEDs Flicker While Charging

Apple's Card Manuals
25315 - Power Mac G4 (Digital Audio): Apple Hardware Test 1.1 Reports False Error
30975 - Power Macintosh G3 (Blue and White): Video Mirroring
31347 - Power Mac G4 (Digital Audio): 40 GB and 60 GB Hard Drive Issue
58200 - Power Macintosh G3 (Blue and White) and G4: No Support For Hard Drive in Zip Drive Expansion Bay
58418 - Power Mac G4: How to Differentiate Between Models
58725 - Power Mac G4: Second ATI RAGE 128 PCI Card Affects Low-Power Mode
58757 - PowerMac G4 (Digital Audio): What's New and Different
60004 - Apple Product Hardware Isolation Troubleshooting
60005 - Apple Product Software Isolation Troubleshooting
75311 - Power Mac G4 Server: Customer-Installable Parts Instructions
75312 - PowerMac G4 (Gigabit Ethernet): Customer-Installable Parts Instructions
75313 - PowerMac G4 (Digital Audio): Customer-Installable Parts Instructions
75314 - PowerMac G4 (QuickSilver): Customer-Installable Parts Instructions
88009 - Power Mac G4 Firmware Update 2.4 Document and Software
120068 - Power Mac G4 Firmware Update 4.2.8
Power Mac G4 - (AGP Graphics) code name: Sawtooth

"Other Printers: Print Drivers & Cable Matrix
StyleWriter Printers: Print Drivers and Cable Matrix
LaserWriter Printers: Print Drivers & Cable Matrix
LaserWriter 8500 Articles:
http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=34846, 34847, 34848, 34849
34850 LaserWriter 8500: How to Adjust Communication Settings
34851 LaserWriter 8500: How to troubleshoot "Out of Memory" Messages
34852 LaserWriter 8500: Printer-Specific Options don't Appear in the Print Dialog Box
34853 LaserWriter 8500: Nothing is Printed; No Paper Comes out of the Printer
34854 LaserWriter 8500: Message on the Screen Says the Printer can't Print
34855 LaserWriter 8500: Printing the First Page Takes Longer than Expected
34856 LaserWriter 8500: Desktop Printer Icon Appears as a Folder
34857 LaserWriter 8500: How to Turn off the Manual Feed Alert
Servers USB Hardware Video / Photo

75316 - Xserve: Customer-Installable Parts Instructions
58430 USB Info and Benefits of Dual-Channel USB (Power Mac G4 (AGP Graphics) and iMac (Slot-Loading))

Complete Guide to Digital Cameras
Digital Camera Resource new bulletDigital Filmmaker's Resource Site
Web Page Help Web Servers Hosting - Mac

6x6x6 Color Cube
Serve Different - Mac OS Internet Server Resources

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