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Dedicated to my friend: Don Crabb

Some men know that a light touch of the tongue, running from a woman's toes to her ears, lingering in the softest way possible in various places in between, given often enough and sincerely enough, would add immeasurably to world peace.
-- From "A Woman's Worth" by Marianne Williamson

A sig found in a MacMarines mailing list post: "A computer without a Microsoft operating system is like a dog without a bunch of bricks tied to its head." - original source unknown

"Macintosh users are a special case. They care passionately about the Mac OS and would rewire their own bodies to run on Mac OS X if such a thing were possible. But for most other people, the operating system is about as significant in their daily lives as the plumbing system."
-Peter Lewis, New York Times, May 3, 2000

"Being a Mac user is like being a Navy SEAL: a small, elite group of people with access to the most sophisticated technology in the world, who everyone calls on to get the really tough jobs done quickly and efficiently."

"DOS Computers are by far the most popular, with about 70 million machines in use worldwide. Macintosh fans, on the other hand, may note that cockroaches are far more numerous than humans, and that numbers alone do not denote a higher life form." (New York Times)

"Look, buddy, I work at Microsoft, and we do all of our CD-ROM titles on Macs! They are built for it. NT is cool, but it was built for servers. Bill knows the Mac is here to stay, and we are doing all we can to make the best products for the Mac. Get real, and get a Mac."
-- May 1996 issue of New Media letters

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Ilene's Machine MacOS Resources Page

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Computer Dictionary
68K Macs Associations Back Up That Mac

68K Machines
128K Mac Users Group
Crash/Freeze Troubleshooting
-System 6.x
Great Ideas for Old Macs
new bullet Power Colour Classic Page
Colo(u)r Classic Forum
Jag's Classic Mac Tutorials
Mac 68K Games
Macintosh IIci Page
Networking (1998)
Power Colour Classic
new bullet System 6 Heaven
Unofficial Apple Museum
Web Browser Archives

ANMA - Apple Network Manager's Assoc.
Apple User Groups
Apple User Groups Links
Assoc. of Mac Trainers
FileVille - FileMaker Pro User Group

Have You Backed Up Today -
TidBITS series
QuickBack - freeware backup program
Font Stuff
Fun Stuff

iMac Linux
Interactive UNIX Tutorial
Java on Macintosh
Linux PPC
Linux Services for Mac & Win
Windows-MacOS Cooperation List
Yellow Dog Linux

new bullet Distributed Computing
(OS X)

Folding@Home (studies protein folding)

1,295 Macintosh Fonts
Diacritical Marks European letters (not for OS 7.x only)
Font Box
Replace Charcoal in OS 8.x
Russification of Macintosh - Cyrillic text

Fun Stuff - History

Apple History
Computere Hardware
DigiBarn Computer Museum
Steve Jobs

AMUG WebCam Watch
Appearance Themes
Commercials (QT)
Apple Easter Eggs
Apple T-Shirts
Applefritter - Apple Computers,
Prototypes, Clones, & Hacks.
As The Apple Turns
The Book of Jobs
Clear Mac SE/20 - Prototype for auction
Codenames & Speed Chart
Easter Eggs Archive
Mac Advocacy Graphics
Mac Bong
MacKiDo Codenames
Macworld Expo Pictures
ThinkDifferent.nu - Catalog of Ads

Mac 68K Games
Bungie Software
C|Net GameCenter.com
Inside Mac Games
Mac Gaming News

Design & Publishing Center
Multimedia Online Reference
MacGallery.html icons and emblems

Hardware Next Page
Help / Troubleshooting iBook - iMac Internet / Telecom / Chat

Apple Knowledge Base
Batteries: Logic Board Battery Info.
Crash/Freeze Troubleshooting
CD-Recordable FAQ
Focus on Mac Support
Global Village Mac Support
Linksys Cable/DSL Router Help
MacFixIt Forums
O'Grady's PowerPage PowerBooks
Reformatting a Hard Drive
Unoffical "Click of Death" Iomega
Offical Iomega Clicking Zip
Photoshop 5 - Filter submenus
Virus: AutoStart 9805 Worm

Apple's iMac Page
iBook (Late 2001): Tech Specs
iMac Memory Explained
iMac Troubleshooting
Network Mac & imac via modem

AIM/Oscar Protocol Specs
America Online Help - from ZDTV
Browser Evolution
Chat Clients Reviewed
DALnet Newbie Guide
Eudora Pro IMAP FAQ - email Resources
MERP - email Resources
Mac Orchard - Internet Apps
Macinstein - Mac Only Search Engine
Terry Morse Myrmidon - Mac File to HTML
Mailing Lists Magazines Multimedia        

Apple Computer lists
Non-Apple Mailing Lists
Blue World lists (Acrobat, Dreamweaver, FileMaker, GoLive, HomePage, InDesign, Lasso, Organizer, PageMill)
Macintosh Guy's Lists (Duo, iBook, G4,
MacDV, MacFireWire, MacGames, MacUSB, MacVoice)
Eudora-Mac Listserver
Low End Mac Email Lists (G-List, Imac, Mac2Mac, Mac Webmaster, PowerBooks, PowerMacs, Quadlist, SuperMacs, MacX, Mac-Can, Outback-Mac, Vintage Macs.)
Mac Scripting mailing list
Mac apps software Newsgroup
Macintosh graphics Newsgroup
TidBITS Talk Discussion List

Inside Mac Games
Mac's Diner
MacProf - Italy

Amateur's Guide to Pro Audio on the PowerBook
Digital Camera Resource
new bulletDigital Filmmaker's Resource Site
Digital Playroom - Professional audio
Multimedia Workshop
QuickTime Gazette
QT, Your QuickTime Destination
Vector Zone Flash Info.
Networking News Shopping

Using AirPort without an AirPort-ready Mac
AppleTalk Access & Cable Modems
Cisco Systems
Lucent Technologies
Network Mac & imac - via Modem
new bullet Small Network Help - Mac & PC

Cnet Topic Center - The Mac
Mac OS Rumors
Mac Resource Page
Macintosh News Network
MacSurfer's Headline News
Mac Nightowl
O'Grady's PowerPage

Apple Store
APS Tech
Chip Merchant
Shreve Systems Used Mac stuff
Small Dog
Sounds / Music Systems

A1 Shareware Evaluations
Brent Simmons’ Macintosh scripting weblog
Commodore C64 Software
Mac's Diner
Mac OS Software Guide
new bulletMacScripter.net/
Pure Mac
Statistical Software Tracking Page
Version Tracker
Video Streaming- Vivo Software
Real Player

Amateur's Guide to Pro Audio on the PowerBook
Digital Playroom Professional audio
Draac's GIFS 1-2-3 .wav & .midi files
Napster for Mac

8-Bit Operating Systems - History
9Tuner by Michael Dicker
Mac OS 7.5 Versions
Mac OS 7.6
Mac OS 8.x TIL Resource
Mac OS 8.1
Mac OS 9.x TIL Resource
Mac OS X Beta Resources
Mac OS X 10.x TIL & Resources
Nine Plus Mac Tips
Yellow Dog Linux
USB Stuff usb picture Utilities Video / Photo

Apple explains why USB
USB Questions Answered
USB Implementers Forum
USB Stuff Online Catalog

Apple Donuts - Mac OS 8.5
Command Key List
Control-Click! - Contextual Menu Items
Control Strip Outlet
Option Key List
Resource Editing
The Macintosh Engine - Net & MP3 Search

Complete Guide to Digital Cameras
Digital Camera Resource
Macs and Digital Video

Web Page Help Web Server Hosting - Mac

6x6x6 Color Cube
new bullet Archive of the Internet
Beginner's Guide to HTML - NCSA
CAST Accessibility Checker
- Center for Applied Special Technology
Background Colors
Graphics Libraries - HTML Writer's Guild
Tutorials - Robouk-Designs
Tutorial Forums - Robouk-Designs
HTML Writer's Guild
Draac's GIFs 1-2-3 WebTV Help Plus!
Java - Cafe au Lait - FAQs, News, & Resources
Matt's Script Archive - CGI, Perl, Counters, etc.
Net Tips for Writers and Designers - David Siegel
W3C World Wide Web Consortium
Web Browser Archives
Web Color Chips
Visibone's Webmaster Color Lab
Digital Forest
Higher Powered
Mac Revolution
Open Door
Serve Different - Mac OS Internet Server Resources
Find a Web Hosting Provider or ISP
Counter Resources BIAP Systems
Why a Mac? and Switching
new bullet Should Our Schools - or Anybody Else - Have Macs or PCs?
Apple Mac Myths

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