Ilene's Machine
Not Knife Story
Macworld Pictures
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Page 1: NY and Macworld
Page 2: Parties
Page 3: Helping People
Page 4: Formerly Party 1 - The Band
Page 5: Formerly Party 2 - The Audience
bulletPage 6: Formerly Party 3 - The Band II
Page 7: The Songs Video
The Band
Macworld Expo NY
July 17 - 20 2001

Page Four:
The Party Formerly Known As...
The Macintosh All Star Band II

Macintosh Band Pictures by Scott McCarty of Graphic Power, except where noted.
Duane Straub, Bassist
Picture by Donna Sanclemente
the band
Scott Scheinbaum, Ilene Hoffman, & Chuck La Tournous
The band
The Band Rocks Out
Paul and Ron
Paul Kent, Lead Guitarist
Bob Tom
Bob and Tom doing the Stones
the band
Pledging Allegiance while Andy sings
Ilene Rollin' on a River
Bob Tom
Paul and Ron
Dave drums his smile out
Andy Ihnatko, Vocalist
Picture by Donna Sanclemente
Bob concentrates on the strings
View from the back of the room
Picture by Scott Rosen
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