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18 Years Strong

San Francisco March 26 - March 29, 2014

Moscone Center North
747 Howard St., San Francisco, CA
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Events Subject To Change. Read about this and past shows:
Say Goodbye to the Netter's Dinner, ”Netter’s Dinner Declares Success, Shuts Down“ by Adam Engst
A little history on the Macintosh All-Star Band, by me.

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The Events


Wed. Date Time End Time Event Place Event Particulars
No Exhibit Hall Hours on Wednesday. On-site Registration from 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM. (Hours differ each day, 8-5 to be safe.)
Media Center Room 102 Hours: 2:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Wed.3/269:00 AM6:00 PM MacIT Conference Moscone Separate registration required for MacIT sessions.
Wed.3/269:00 AM3:00 PM Pre-Show Product Innovation Showcase Moscone Center Lower North Lobby Registered Media Only
Wed.3/265:30 PM7:00 PM Macworld/iWorld Media Preview Reception Moscone North, Media Center, Room 102 Registered Media Only
Wed.3/266:00 PM8:30 PM MacIT Special Edition Meet-up New Relic, 188 Spear St., SF. Everyone old enough to drink! macbrained.org, Oomnitza IT Asset Management, Experts Panel for Crucial Questions. Food, beer & swag. Please RSVP.
Wed.3/267:00 PM8:00 PM Automatic Product Guy: Ljuba Miljkovic & Amy Muller, Community Apple Store, One Stockton St. Not a Macworld Event. Everyone. Learn about the connected car and Automatic Labs, Inc.

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All days Date Time End Time Everyday Events Place Event Particulars
Macworld-iWorld PDF Floor Map EVERYDAY EVENTS HERE
Everyday 27 - 2911:00 AM Show End Twocanoes Software iBeacons and Macworld scavenger hunt. Article by Tim Perfitt on the implementation.
Everyday 27 - 2911:00 AM Show End First Looks Outside main exhibit hall First Looks product walls highlight debut products at show.
Everyday 27 - 2910:00 AM Show End Appalooza Showcase #816 Appalooza iOS / OS X – Premium Kiosk.
Everyday 31 - 210:00 AM Show End ScanSnap Twitter contest to win a ScanSnap Enter even if you're not at the show! Contest runs from 3/24 through 3/29
Everyday 31 - 210:00 AM Show End TidBITS Staff List of staff talks & locations That's all she wrote.

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Thurs. Date Time End Time Event Place Event Particulars
Exhibit Hall Hours - Thursday: 10 AM to 6 PM
Media Center Room 102 Hours: 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Thurs.3/279:00 AM4:00 PM Creative Live Webinar: Animal Photography with Rachael McKenna Not a Macworld Event Fun freebie-register here!
Thurs.3/2710:00 AM10:50 AM The State of Apple Technology Main Stage-Room 103 Everyone. Panel Moderated by Jason Snell, Senior VP, Editorial Director, IDG
Thurs.3/2710:00 AM11:00 AM Microsoft Webcast Press Briefing Online Not a Macworld event CEO Satya Nadella & staff announce Office for iPad. Anyone can watch. Office vailable at 11am in App Store.
Thurs.3/2710:00 AM11:00 AM X-rite Color Perfection for Mobile Devices Webinar Online Not a Macworld event Joe Brady hosts. These are usually very good presentations.
Thurs.3/2711:00 AM11:50 AM iOS Central: Top iOS 7 Tips Main Stage-Room 103 Everyone. Dan Moren, Sr. Editor, Macworld
Thurs.3/2711:00 AM12:00 PM Welcome to Macworld/iWorld Moscone Everyone. Host: Chris Breen, Macworld
Thurs.3/2712:00 PM12:45 PM iFixit Live Show Floor Everyone. Host: Chris Breen, Macworld
Thurs.3/2712:00 PM12:50 PM Mac Gems: Meet the Developers Main Stage-Room 103 Everyone. Dan Frakes, Sr. Editor, Macworld
Thurs.3/2712:00 PM1:00 PM Consumer Robotics: The Quest Free Webinar. Register here. Not a Macworld event, but looks interesting. Part of Robotics Business Review´s webcast series. Free ebook download available during webcast.
Thurs.3/271:00 PM1:50 PM Create: Photo and Video Workflows from Mobile to Desktop Main Stage-Room 103 Everyone. Panel Moderated by Jeff Carlson, Never Enough Coffee Creations
Thurs.3/272:00 PM2:45 PM Interview with Jeff Smith of Smule Show Floor Everyone. Host: Chris Breen, Macworld
Thurs.3/273:00 PM3:45 PM Iterate Podcast Show Floor Everyone. Host: Rene Ritchie, iMore
Thurs.3/274:00 PM4:45 PM Confessions of an Apple Writer Session CF822 Ted Landau, Sr. Contributor Macworld gives his last presentation at the show.
Thurs.3/274:00 PM4:45 PM Clockwise Live Show Floor Everyone. Hosted by: Jason Snell, IDG Consumer & Dan Moren, Macworld
Thurs.3/274:30 PM5:30 PM 6 About to Break Moscone North Everyone. 6 companies from over 100 entries present product in 5 minute sessions. Panel of judges & audience vote on winner.
Thurs.3/275:00 PM6:30 PM Macworld/iWorld RapidFire Main Stage-Room 103 Everyone. Learn many cool things in under 5 min. Host: Dan Moren, Sr. Editor, Macworld
Thurs.3/275:30 PM?:30 PM 6 About to Break Cocktail Party Moscone North Ticket may be required. SF New Tech & Macworld/iWorld hosts.
Thurs.3/276:00 PM9:00 PM Silicon Valley iOS Developers‘ Meetup Not Listed yet Details missing
Thurs.3/276:00 PM?:00 PM Drinks at SF St. Regis 125 3rd St. Just a fun time with Paul Kafasis, of Rogue Amoeba & Daring Fireball (I hope). Ok, so it wasn't a huge deal, maybe next year?
Thurs.3/277:00 PM10:00 PM Appency 5th Annual Macworld Press Dinner Undisclosed Invited Press only.
Thurs.3/277:30 PM10:00 PM iFixit Meetup at Techshop 910 Howard St. Chat with iFixit crew over dinner and drinks. RSVP desired.
Thurs.3/278:00 PM?:00 PM CultCast LIVE Party The Box SF, 1069 Howard St. Invitation Required. Cult of Mac team with DiskAid and MacUpdate. Live performance from DJ EGADZ. Open bar.
Thurs.3/272:00 AM3:00 AM Getting the Most Out of Perfect Mask with Bob Campbell Webinar Not a Macworld Event. - OnOne Software Live from the UK

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Fri. Date Time End Time Event Place Event Particulars
Exhibit Hall Hours - Friday: 10 AM to 6 PM
Media Center Room 102 Hours: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Fri.3/2810:00 AM10:50 AM The Age of Context Main Stage-Room 103 Everyone. Robert Scoble, Author & Shel Israel, Author.
Thurs.3/2711:00 AM11:45 AM Pundit Showdown Live Moscone North Everyone. Host : Philip Michaels, IDG Consumer & SMB with Susie Ochs, Josh Centers, Jason Snell, & Andrew Laurence
Fri.3/2811:00 AM11:50 AM The Working Macs: Creative Workflows from Professional Creatives Main Stage-Room 103 Everyone. Chris Breen, Sr. Editor, Macworld
Fri.3/2812:00 PM12:45 PM Apple: Past, Present, and Future Moscone North Everyone. Host: Dan Moren, Macworld with Paul Kafasis, Rogue Amoeba & John Moltz, Writer.
Fri.3/2812:00 PM12:50 PM Help Desk: Mac 911: Tips, Tricks & Troubleshooting Main Stage-Room 103 Everyone. Dan Frakes, Sr. Editor, Macworld
Fri.3/283:00 PM3:45 PM Meet the Macworld All-Star Band Moscone North Everyone. Chris Breen, Dave Hamilton, Chuck La Tournous, Bryan Chaffin, Paul Kent, Bob LeVitus & Duane Straub
Fri.3/284:00 PM4:45 PM Best of Show Moscone North Everyone. Host: Roman Loyola, Macworld
Fri.3/284:00 PM5:00 PM BitCoins Meet-Up Moscone North, Room 124 Everyone. Leaders: Bryan Chaffin, The Mac Observer. Discuss & learn about BitCoins.
Fri.3/284:00 PM5:00 PM Consultants Meet-Up Moscone North, Room 132 Everyone. Leaders: Independent consultants Andy Espo, Phil Goodman, & Benjamin Levy.
Fri.3/284:00 PM5:00 PM Educators Meet-Up Moscone North, Room 133 Everyone. Leader: Mark Mautone, Lead Teacher, Hoboken Public Schools. Using iOS Devices to Maximize Learning.
Fri.3/284:00 PM5:00 PM Musical Meet-Up Moscone North, Room 123 Everyone. Leader: Tim Burks, iOS Developer. Presentation from Smule and moForte.com. Alohar Mobile will be giving away an iPad! Get the details here.
Fri.3/284:00 PM5:00 PM TUAW Meet-Up Moscone North, Room 131 Everyone. Leader: Steve Sande, Editor. Meet staff & win prizes.
Fri.3/285:30 PM7:30 PM SCOTTEVEST Happy Hour ThirstyBear Brewery, 661 Howard Street Everyone. Meet Scott Jordan & cohost Tekzilla Host- Revision3 Editor Patrick Norton
Fri.3/288:00 PM11:00 PM Cirque du Mac (11th event) Broadway Studios, 435 Broadway Tickets Required. Hosted by The Mac Observer & BackBeat Media. The Macworld All-Star Band, Videator light show, Trapeze show, an iPad caricaturist AND free drinks! You might want to bring ear plug protectors!
Fri.3/289:00 PM5:00 PM TAPPD Launch Party Sloane, 1525 Mission St. Ask for ticket at Booth 67/68 on show floor.

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Sat. Date Time End Time Event Place Event Particulars
Exhibit Hall Hours - Saturday: 10 AM to 5 PM
Media Center Room 102 Hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sat.3/2910:00 AM10:45 AM App Camp For Girls Open House (Session CF861) Moscone Everyone. Jean MacDonald, App Camp For Girls. Rumors are they will be giving out tattoos.
Sat.3/2911:00 AM11:45 AM Macworld´s “Dan” Panel: Cool Stuff Seen on the Show Floor Moscone North Everyone. Dan Miller, Dan Moren & Dan Frakes, Macworld.
Sat.3/2912:00 PM12:45 PM The Incomparable Live! Computer Draft Moscone North Everyone. Jason Snell, Dan Moren, Dan Frakes, Serenity Caldwell & David Sparks.
Sat.3/292:00 PM2:45 PM More with iMore Moscone North Everyone. Rene Ritchie and Don Melton.
Sat.3/293:00 PM3:45 PM Ask The Editors Moscone North Everyone. Macworld Editors.
Sat.3/294:00 PM4:45 PM Show Wrap-up Moscone North Everyone. Chris Breen and guests.
Sat.3/295:00 PM?:00 PM End of show meetups? Anywhere Please tweet me if you are gathering people for an end of show beer or meal! (@ilenesmachine)
Sat.3/299:00 PM1:00 AM The Bachelors of San Francisco Present: A San Francisco Prom Broadway Studios, 435 Broadway St. Not a Macworld Event. Tripped over this one on Eventbrite. Prom attire required, any decade. Tickets $40 per person.

Sun. Date Time End Time Event Place Event Particulars
Sun.3/303:00 PM7:00 PM Apple Alumni Reunion Fourth Street Summit Center. 88 South 4th Street, 7th Floor. San Jose, CA. Not a Macworld Event. For those who worked at Apple, Claris, or an Authorized Rep Firm from 1977 to 1987. Tickets are $95 each.

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