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Bays Tournament 2001 Winding Down

photographs © ilene hoffman

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The Massachusetts Tournament of Champions (MTOC) ... Each night after the exhausting tournament games, the team and parents gathered to revive with food and drink in a nearby restaurant. Most of us stayed at a hotel about 45 minutes away in CT. So after the caravan arrived, everyone collapsed in the hotel common room to digest the day's events. One of the nights the Levi's had brought wine and Marcus Sholar had brought his saxophone, so we turned the common room into a real lounge. Dan, Steve, and Zak provided rhythm with spoons and hands.
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Ordering Good Eating Wiped Parents Exhausted Steve Ecstatic Eric Tom the Ham
p1010016 p1010017 p1010018 p1010019 p1010020 p1010021
Happy Parents are Fed Parents Serious Diners Eatin' & Smilin' Finally Comfy Jammin'
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Relaxin' Spoons & Cups More Music

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