"Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity."
-- Simone Weil (French teacher & political philosopher, 1909-1943)

In Memory of Don Crabb March 25, 1955 to February 26, 2000
picture of Don Crabb

Don gave us Mac users more personal attention than any other human being on the planet, and we all thank him for his life.
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These are the movers and shakers in the Mac industry who help keep Apple
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Apple Computer's "Think Different" advertising campaign has elicited many different thoughts and feelings among all computer users. According to some sociologists, many people tend to fall into the herd mentality when buying products, so most people buy what they see others using. Considering that most people don't really want to be different, Apple's marketing tactic to raise market share was unusual.

The interesting fact is that most Mac users don't mind the perception that they think differently than the average computer user and they are willing to take chances on new technology. It has been said, (probably by Mac users), that we are more creative, brighter, more friendly, band together more tightly, and are somehow different. The PC community just use their machines, while we live with ours in a synchronous enviroment. In many cases Mac users' lives have been changed by the very technology created to help them live their lives better.

The computer industry is rather sterile, and although mechanized, it hasn't been humanized. One key element missing in our Mac community is personal tidbits of the Mac luminaries, and especially the users. Apple has targeted some stars of the entertainment and technology industry in their AppleMasters Program, but as we know, the Mac is the computer for "The Rest of Us." The following pages should help solve that information gap, and bring the "human condition" to our motley little crew. Join our community as we take a closer look at the brain power behind the machines.

The information contained herein was obtained directly from each individual by phone or email. Please do not harass someone if you don't like what they said, nor use this information in any other kind of publication. Please respect the privacy of the people who have so kindly told us about themselves here.

Please email me directly if you have comments, questions you'd like to see asked, or complaints. -- Thank you Ilene Hoffman the creator of this site. [email no longer viable]

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